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The Movement for Social Justice Congratulates the new Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.
  • 11 July 2018
  • The Movement for Social Justice (MSJ) of Trinidad and Tobago extends congratulations to our fraternal party - the PT of Mexico, and all progressive forces who, on Sunday July 1st, together with the majority of the Mexican people – workers, ...

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    MSJ Demands Local Government Reform
  • 5 July 2018

  • In less than two weeks there will be two by-elections for local government seats. These by-elections in Barataria and Belmont East are being held in the context of the failure of the Dr. Rowley led PNM government to fulfill its ...

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    Flooding – a Failure of Leadership
  • 2 July 2018
  • On Sunday a tropical wave passed over Trinidad. Within minutes several parts of the island began to experience flooding. It was particularly acute in Port of Spain and parts of Diego Martin. The rainy season has only just begun and ...

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    Slow Delivery in Colombia
  • 21 June 2018
  • Analysis of the recent Presidential elections in Colombia where a progressive candidate ( a former guerrilla) almost won.

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