• The Movement for Social Justice Congratulates the new Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

    The Movement for Social Justice (MSJ) of Trinidad and Tobago extends congratulations to our fraternal party - the PT of Mexico, and all progressive forces who, on Sunday July 1st, together with the majority of the Mexican people – workers, farmers, students and young people: men and women; expressed their democratic will and elected as their President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, popularly known as “Amlo”. This represents a tremendous victory for the left and progressive forces not just in Mexico but throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

    The elections on July 1st were historic in so many ways:

    • President Lopez Obrador won with more than 53% of the total popular vote – the first time in three decades that such a result occurred on the first round of balloting;

    • The alliance known as Juntos Haremos Historia led by President Lopez Obrador comprised of his own Party, the MORENA (National Regeneration Movement, together with the very progressive Workers’ Party (PT), and the Social Encounter Movement won not only the Presidency but the Senate with a some 70 out of 128 seats and the Chamber of Deputies with some 312 out of 500 seats and also did well in winning many State Governorships.

    • The PT (Workers’ Party) itself contributed very significantly to this overall success by winning 6 Senate seats (2 more than previously held) and is the third largest Party in the Chamber of Deputies with 61 seats (a whopping 55 more than previously held!).

    The MSJ recognizes that the election of President “Amlo” is an important defeat for the right wing and oligarchies in this hemisphere which have been on a concerted campaign to insert by any means necessary reactionary governments. Thus, we have seen: constitutional coup d’etats against the democratically elected Presidents of Honduras (President Zelaya); Paraguay (President Lugo); Brazil (President Rousseff); a failed military coup d’etat against President Hugo Chavez and now the refusal to accept the democratic will of the Venezuelan people who in two successive elections have elected Nicolas Maduro as their President and the attempts by the right wing through violent protests to bring about regime change in Venezuela; the “lawfare” waged against Lula in order to prevent him from contesting the upcoming Presidential elections in Brazil – an election that he would be sure to win; and most recently attempts to destabilise Nicaragua in order to also bring about regime change against the democratically elected President Daniel Ortega and his FSLN government. The MSJ has no doubt whatsoever that this strategy of the right-wing oligarchs and elites to bring about regime change by any means necessary is being supported, if not actually orchestrated, by US imperialism.

    In this context of reversal and challenge to the left and progressive governments, parties and movements President Lopez Obrador’s victory is very significant indeed. This victory takes on even greater historic significance since it has occurred in Mexico, the country that borders the evil empire of US imperialism and which empire has become even more militaristic and right wing – neo-fascist – under Donald Trump. The Mexican people have decisively dealt a blow to the policies of neo-liberalism that brought so much hardship to them and have made a declaration for the sovereignty of Mexico and a rejection of the revitalized Munroe Doctrine of Trump. This gives hope to all in Latin America and the Caribbean who are struggling against the traditional elites and oligarchs as we seek to create societies where there is social justice and a better life for the majority – the working people and poor.

    We are aware that President “Amlo” and his government face tremendous challenges ahead. As we have seen elsewhere, there are very powerful forces that will be working to prevent progressive changes from being implemented. These forces of reaction will do everything possible to undermine and destabilise the government. We are confident, however, that once President Lopez Obrador stays true to his convictions and keeps the faith with the people, these obstacles can be overcome.

    The lessons of this victory are important. Unity of progressive forces; policies and programmes that connect directly to  the concerns and interests of the majority and that challenge the interests of the wealthy and powerful – the 1%; a clear message of hope that a better future – another world – is not only necessary but is definitely possible; the listening to and reaching out via traditional and social media and personal interaction with the people; and leadership that has a proven track record of fighting for social justice and which is honest, can be trusted and has integrity – are all elements of the lessons that we can all draw on from the victory of President “Amlo”.

    The MSJ once again extends our congratulations to our fraternal Party the PT; to President Lopez Obrador, his Party the MORENA and the alliance of The Juntos Haremos Historia. We look forward to our continued relationship of mutual solidarity with the PT and other progressive parties and movements in Mexico, especially in the context of the Foro Sao Paulo of which we are members. We look forward to the change that will come to Mexico and to Latin America and the Caribbean through the leadership of President “Amlo”.

    Movement for Social Justice

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