• Implement spending limits of political campaigns

    This legislation should identify an upper limit for party spending on political campaigns. Additionally, provisions should be made for a specific amount of public funds to be made available for political parties. In this way the need for private party financiers could be reduced, and ultimately eliminated. The distortions which have resulted from private party financing could therefore be eliminated. Private funding from external organisations or groups could be allowed, but within a specified limit, such as 5 per cent of the total amount of expenditure allowed for individual candidates.

    Parties must be required to identify these external bodies, including the names of their principals. In the case of donations from companies, a company donating more than TT$500,000 to any one party would not be able to bid for contracts from a Government of which the said party is a part for at least one year following this donation. Diaspora contributions should also be allowed from individuals as well as companies, within the same limit.

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