• Ozzi Warwick 1

    Ozzi Warwick

    General Secretary

    Ozzi Warwick is a founding member and General Secretary of the Movement for Social Justice and secretary to the Joint Trade Union Movement. He is the Chief Education and Research Officer and Executive Trustee of the OWTU and has overall responsibility for the OWTU’s educational and research activities both internal to the Union and external. Previously he worked with the UNAIDS Caribbean Programme for three years, subsequently he worked with the German Technical Corporation (GTZ) in the Dominican Republic for three years after which he work with the International HIV/AIDS Alliance for three years before working with the OWTU. He therefore has extensive experience working with bi-lateral, multilateral organizations and international NGOs throughout the Caribbean. He has been a political and social activist for over 20 years.

    As a social and political activist, he has participated in numerous national, regional and international forums, delivering and facilitating many presentations and sessions.

    Ozzi currently holds a Bachelor of Law Degree from the University of London as well as a Post Graduate Certificate in Human Rights Law and a Post Graduate Diploma in Economic Regulations.

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