• Tobago

    • Greater Political Autonomy for Tobago
      Over the last decade there have been a number of efforts at constitutional reform with respect to the relationship between Trinidad and Tobago. The MSJ will respect the consensus position of Tobagonians on this issue and effect all of these amendments. We will also amend the constitution further to grant the Tobago House of Assembly Executive and Legislative power for governmental areas of responsibility as listed under the Fifth Schedule of the THA Act.

    • Developing Sustainable Economic Activity
      A strategy for the generation of self-sustaining economic activity must be urgently developed and implemented. This would include the tourism sector but will not be limited to this. The food production (agriculture and fishing) sector will be one important pillar for sustainability in Tobago. Not only primary agricultural activity but also downstream activity in this sector including agro-processing, in particular in niche commodities such as cocoa and coffee.

    • Greater Equity of Educational and Professional Opportunities

      Inequity between the educational and professional opportunities available to Tobagonians has restricted Tobago’s development potential. Key for sustainable development in Tobago would be improving the education system, in particular at the primary and secondary level so that Tobagonians would have greater access to educational opportunities therefore facilitating greater human capital development, a critical element for future development

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