• MSJ’s Vision for Local Government-

    Our vision for Local Government is rooted in our philosophy of the need for fundamental change in the relations of power. Many people are amazed that for such a small country (just 1.3 million), we are unable to come together as a people with the common purpose of building a nation.


    Furthermore, although we all sing the national anthem, so many of us do not feel that this country is ours. This is because decision making is always undertaken by a few, while the majority of the people do not have a say and feel like outsiders. The only way in which this could be changed is if power is shifted from a few to the many. This is our philosophy. And strong local government is an important way in which this could be achieved. 

    Unlike the others, we don’t rely on big private party financiers to fund us. Instead we rely on people you! Support us from about $TT 35 Donate →