• Standing Committees as a Check and Balance

    Oversight Committees of Parliament are also critical to ensuring that the Parliament provides true representation. These committees include: Public Accounts Enterprises Committee; Municipal Corporations, Statutory Authorities and Service Commissions Committee (with the exception of the Judicial and Legal Services Commission) and a Committee to oversee Public Procurement. At present many MPs who have constituency responsibilities, as well as Ministerial portfolios also sit on these committees. This is an obvious case of overstretched resources and therefore the work of these Committees is often diluted and does not receive the focus and attention it requires . The oversight component of the work of the Parliament is therefore weakened. 

    We have put forward that MPs in the lower house should serve on a full-time basis; Senators should also serve full-time. This will enable the Committees to work continuously. 

    Standing Committees of Parliament should be set up for key national areas such as National Security, Foreign Affairs and Energy. These Committees would contribute to the process of developing national policy in these areas and assess and monitor the progress of policy implementation. 

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