• Strong local government is absolutely critical to facilitating wider participation in government

    The role of citizens in the governance process is crucial. While every individual cannot be in government every individual must be facilitated to participate in the governance process. We can rebuild that sense of community by facilitating good governance structures at the level of Local Government. The capacity of our citizens must be recognized and opportunities for the people to participate and engage in governance must be afforded to them. Through an enhanced process of localized engagement of all stakeholders, including private sector and civil society the developmental objectives for the community can be met in a way which exceeds the capacity of one sector attempting the task on its own. The key in this entire process is for persons to be involved at every stage of governance from planning and implementation to monitoring and evaluation. In our view having a strong local government is absolutely critical to facilitating the participation of the wider population in the governance process. It is at this level that citizens must be able to voice their concerns and through the local government structure these concerns would be consequently treated with by the relevant authorities. For the MSJ, facilitating participatory governance through local government is so fundamental that the specific policy actions have been elaborated in a separate section. Additionally, Local Government must be enshrined in the National Constitution. Further details on our proposals on Local Government are to be found in this specific section.

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